Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pack It All Up

Have you ever been packing for a trip and thought to yourself "what the hell should I bring? (I think for a lot of people packing tends to involve lots of swearing, don't you agree?)" Well have no fear, Jem's here! Haha! I've gotten the whole packing thing down pat, in fact I now find that packing is dare I say it... fun. I am of the firm belief that you ALWAYS create a list of what you need to pack. Lists are your best friend, trust me! By creating a list you are reassuring yourself that you bring everything that is needed while traveling. After perusing the web I've found several websites which create virtual packing list for you but personally I like to write out my lists. I like the feeling of using a pen to check off something once I put it into my suitcase rather then clicking it off on the computer. It gives me a sense of accomplishment. Although if you do like using a web based packing list I would suggest Another suggestion which is kind of redundant, yet I can't stress it enough, is never over pack. I know that everyone stresses not to over pack and only bring the things you definitely need and will use. Don't think up hypothetical situations, it will make you go crazy. So step away from that formal dress! Look at it this way, if suddenly you get invited to a formal party while visiting somewhere its a good excuse to go shopping! Confession: I was once a an over packer myself. Sshhh... don't tell! When I was younger I would try to cram as much as I could into my suitcase, I always over thought every situation. Once I was forced by my mother to par down my clothing choices for a short trip, I swear it revolutionized my traveling life. For example, when I went to Italy a few years ago on a school trip I was one of the only people who's suitcase wasn't over 50 pounds! Which let me bring home lots of goodies! So I've learned such a great lesson... never over stuff your suitcase!

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  1. Nice start to this blog, Jem. My packing strategy (if you have this luxury) is to pack once well in advance, then revist the suitcase numerous times before the actual D-Day (Departure Day). This allows me to re-think, become less attached, and take some stuff out each time. But then again, I'm also a compulsive Virgo.