Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Road Trip

The rock tunnel we drove through at one point during the trip

This past summer I went to California for two weeks with my younger sister and mom, it was just a "mother-daughters trip." Meaning my dad wasn't invited, not that he minded, seeing as he was sailing in Canada during our trip. One of the highlights of the vacation was our little road trip from San Francisco to Yosemite. We rented a car and drove for about four hours. We had so much fun blasting music from the radio (a mixture of old school rock and roll and the pop tunes always playing on the radio), having really deep conversations, and seeing the scenery. The drive from SF to Yosemite is probably one of the most beautiful routes I have ever traveled by, a lot of  the roads we took were surrounded by pastures with cows grazing on the grass and once we got closer to the mountains all the roads became very curvey and steep. I sat in the front for much of the drive on account of my anxiety when it comes to mountain passages (I get very nervous looking out the window and seeing the edge of the mountain so close). Other than my occasional panic attack, the drive was great. It was an experience I shall never forget because it was our first mother-daughters bonding trip and we certainly made the most of it, stopping off at vantage points on the drive to Yosemite to take in all the beauty and snap pictures. I highly recommend getting in the car and taking a road trip some time this summer, whether it is with your family, or friends because an enjoyable time will be had by all.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Classy Traveler

Wow! I haven't posted in a long time, my bad! Running two blogs at one time is a lot harder than I thought it would be. But anyways, enough of my excuses. Whenever I am preparing for a trip I look for inspiration for what to wear when while traveling. Even though I may be spending my days walking around and seeing the sites, doesn't mean that I have to forgo my style. Much of my inspiration comes from old photographs of people traveling. It seems to me that people were classier back when the airline industry began to take off. They had a certain respect for traveling and arriving in style. This could be because only the wealthy could afford to travel, so therefore they would naturally always want to look their best. Now days, almost anyone can afford to travel, which means not everyone is so aware of their attire.
One of my goals when packing is to create outfits which do not scream, "Hi! I am an American tourist, look at me disrespect your culture!" I tend to pack classic clothing items such as; polo shirts, cardigens, a wrinkle free dress, a nice pair of jeans, blouses, moccasins, a trench coat/or a nice jacket, and for jewlary a pair of simple earings (such a pearls or my blue Murano glass earings from Italy), or a nice long necklace. I think the reason why many people don't bother dressing nicely while en route to their destination is because they want to be comfortable while on a seven hour flight, which is completely understandable. My solution to this problem is to wear a simple dress (usually a jersey knit fabric) with tights, scarf (for warmth on those cold planes) a cardigen, and flats. Sometimes I mix it up by wearing jeans with a simple tee shirt, cardigen, a scarf, and flats. I also replace the scarf with a necklace sometimes, although I always store a scarf in my carryon, incase it is needed.

Travel by the fairytale featuring Marc by Marc Jacobs bags
These two outfits are typical of what I would wear when traveling (although I did take some liberties by making these clothes my "dream" items). So what do you typically wear when traveling by plane?