Monday, June 21, 2010

Jet Set vs. Gypset

Teen Vogue
I've been thinking a lot about traveling lately (well..... I am always thinking about traveling but more then I usually do). In H&M's annual magazine they had an interesting article on how to achieve the jet setter style and what places to travel too. One term which is thrown around several times in the article is the term "gypset" or the combination of gypsy and jet set. Those who gypset avoid the typical places where the jet set travel to, think the French Riviera or  Saint-Tropez, and head to more exotic places, such as Morocco or India. One of my favorite paragraphs in the article was, "For the gypset, the modern version of the jet set, the focus is less on luxury yachts and expensive hotels, and more on freedom, mobility and adventure. On having the courage to go. The goal is to discover new cultures and meet as many exciting, creative people as possible- and come home with a bagful of fresh fashion inspiration." For me this quote really encompasses my feelings about travel- that the goal is to discover new cultures and meet new people. Although, gaining fashion inspiration through travel is always an added bonus! As much as I wish I was jet setter or a gypset, I really don't see either happening any time soon. For now all I can be is an explorer of the world, no fancy title needed. Besides, just because one doesn't or can't call themselves a jet setter or gypset doesn't mean they don't want to discover new cultures and places; we are all looking to learn, be inspired, and have fun!