Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I think some of my best travel memories have centered around eating food. The food which is typical to a certain area can tell a person a lot about the history and culture of a region. When you combine good food, a beautiful location, and loving the people you are with; happy memories are bound to ensue. So without further adieu, I present a few photographs where travel and food are the main subjects.
Pompeii, Italy
I swear, this must be the biggest lemon ever! My friend Jill
bought this lemon when we were in Pompeii seeing the ruines. The lemons
were sold in a little stand near one of sites, and apparently, from what
I understand they cost about ten American dollers, if not more. Although, I
think the price is totally worth it, since the next night in our hotel room in
Florence we devoured the whole thing. This type of lemon is sweet,
not sour like most, and it tastes best when its cooked (which our guide told us)
or with suger sprinkled over it. Since we did not have access to a kitchen
we chose to eat it with surgar. Yummm... This photograph, shows
just the beginning of our little "lemon adventure" as we affectionately
liked to call it. Our "lemon adventure" encompasses all our struggles
to find a knife to cut it open (it has a tough skin) and the madness
which occured as we were eating!

Fresno, California
My cousins are ranchers in California and grow cotton, grapes,
and their most abundent product, almonds. The photograph above
depicts almonds from their ranch, lying on the ground after they
have been shaken from the almond trees. While visiting the ranch
we were able to take the almonds off the trees and eat them.
 Never have I tasted anything so fresh and watery.
Almonds straight from the tree taste a lot better then the store bought (like most foods), and 
they also have more of nutty flavor. This is one of my faveourite "travel & food"
moments because it is so special to see where the food you
 are eating comes from.
Paris, France
This photograph was taken during my weekend sojourn
to the city of lights. My auntie, uncle and I were eating in
this super fancy, very typical "French" restarunt, complete with
waiters in black ties and white suit jackets. Although I
choose not to eat any of the sea food on this very large plate (other then
to sample a peice of shrimp) this photograph contains many special moments.
It reminds me of my first (and hopefully not last) trip to Paris and all the
fantastic sites I saw, and all the yummy food I ate.


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  1. Wow! That really is a huge lemon! I didn't know you could get them that big. I was thinking it sounded kind of horrible to just eat a lemon, but then, with sugar on it... maybe not so bad.

    I love eating! :). Travel is so much about the food for me too. Nothing beats sampling the delicious local fare.