Wednesday, March 10, 2010


The act of receiving and sending a postcard is not lost on me. With Facebook and Email it is easy to send a message to a loved one while away on holiday. This may be a quick and easy way to tell everyone you are okay and you haven't run into any trouble but I think their is an even better way to tell people about your trip. Instead of sending an Email or Facebook message why not send postcards to your family and friends? To some extent I feel that the art of sending postcards has died out so now I am trying to revive it. People feel it is a hassle to buy a postcard, and stamp when they can just shoot out a quick email to everyone for free (unless of course you are paying for computer time). I tend to disagree with these naysayers. I like the idea of being to able to write a postcard/letter while enjoying cup of coffee or tea in a cafe in the location which I am visiting. Maybe this is a romantic idea of what postcard/letter writing should be like, but it is one which I shall always keep to such high esteem. I love, love, love to receive postcards, I think most people do. It is such a surprise to the receiver to find a postcard tucked into their daily mail of bills and magazines. I have had the extremely good fortune of receiving postcards from all around the world, places like; Israel, India, Russia, Bhutan, Peru, and more! It never ceases to surprise me, finding a postcard in the mail, and also to know that it has traveled such a long distance. I think it is neat to be the recipient of a postcard and thinking that it has come from a place which you have never visited and traveled so many miles all the way to your doorstep. It is like receiving a little piece of that country! People are more likely to save a postcard or letter then an email since it shows a sense of caring when a person takes time out of their day to write to you (at least this is what I think) when they could be exploring the sites or partying somewhere! So why not return the favor and start sending postcards to people? It won't just make the receiver feel special but it will also help you tell everyone whats on your mind about this spectacular trip your taking!


  1. I like your take on postcards. I tend to agree... it is a special way of telling your friends and family that you are thinking of them even though you are travelling.

    I like to send tacky postcards to my close family and boyfriend. I try and find the worst, ugliest, tackiest and most boring and send them. It has become a fun tradition. I am actually planning to start a website soon where I will post my collection (and hopefully get some additions from other people). I'll let you know when it's up and running :)

  2. I love getting mail. So much that I am hosting a mail swap on my blog.Know of anyone who might be interested in participating?